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Info Gathering - For writing (US College Basketball Topic)
I'm not from the US and am not familiar with the US Educational system and also US College Basketball.

I'm writing something that may require me to do research on how an individual gets into a US college with basketball as means.

I've read about recruitment, (although not very detailed as I didn't paid much attention to this). I watched some basketball related movies to shore up what I know (but that might not be a good idea, as most are just really fiction).

A few questions:
1. Can a youngster in the US escape the radar of college scouts?
2. Is every player in the team recruited by the school, or only the very good/elite prospects? And everyone else has to enrol, then do try outs hoping they can get into the varsity?
3. Are college basketball players granted full scholarship?
4. Do players have to keep up their grades like normal students do? or do they get special treatment?
5. Any other league outside of the NCAA? What does it mean to be in a Division II program/school?
6. If Dirk Nowitzki accepted the Auburn invite from Charles, what benefits would Dirk have except for scholarship?

I'm just gathering everything right now, so any information available would be much appreciated (even those not in the questions).
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